About Us

Love, Go Digital! 

Behappy Emotion AI mission is "Love, Go digital!" ,we generate value for company from couple relationship management to improve employee productivity and human wellbeing with Emotion AI.

Why people in love but hurt each other most? Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Couple are poor communicators to know each other and hurt each other. Most of us are willing to spend hours perfecting a skill of talent. However, we expect ourselves to be Masters of love relationship with little effort to learn Emotion IQ. 


That's why 50% marriage end in divorce. We live in a family crisis world. Divorce is the most stressful event in personal life, second only to losing a loved one. Divorce generate 20% of single parent family most of them living in provety. On the other hand, unhappy marriage impact company profit. in US alone, broken family cost business $300 billion annually. Therefore, 93% of big company invest EAP(employee assistant program) to address employee family and wellbeing issue. According to Global EAP report,  20% of EAP service served for marriage issue. However, the EAP utilization only 4%-5% due to rely on person in call center and less digital service to consume conveniently. Company even don’t know what’s EAP ROI as well. Behappy will help employee for happy marriage for resolve employee wellbeing effectively.

We partnership with the world renowned Relationship Scienstist, Dr. John Gottman.  In their love lab in seattle, they record couple video, audio and biometrical data and developed the mathematic Algrithm to predict relationship and intervention effectively. Now, 80% therapist follow Gottman methodology. However, it is currently limited by number of therapist and hours available. Behappy digitalized Gottman love lab to make it available to company as employee benefit. We use emotion AI and wearable device, such as mobile or smart glasses and iwatch to capture couple face expression, voice pattern , heart rate information with deep learning technology. In our moonshot, we would like to provide real time mood reader to help couple know yourself  and know your partner like soulmates.

With Behappy, Dr. Gottman make his methodology help 418Million couple globally. The more couple access the service, the more happy marriage and happy family, the more happy employee for high productivity. This would benefit company for high profits and high employee loyalty!